Lock & Access

Lock and Access
This is a full-service Lock Shop that provides such services as:

  • Re-keying doors
  • Cutting new keys
  • Installing door hardware
  • Repairing door hardware
  • Re-setting safe combinations
  • Inspecting doors for Title 9 compliance
  • Installing & repairing card readers
  • Installing & repairing automatic doors
  • Programming & issuing ID badges for card-reader locks

University policy on Lock & Access


 A. Key/access card orders
     a. Departmental requests for keys or access should be electronically submitted by the authorizing department Business Officer, or designated Key Control Manager, to Facilities Management’s Help Desk, as an FMHelp Access Request.
     b. An individual’s or periodic access requests need to be submitted with sufficient lead time to accommodate the individual’s schedule; contact FMHelp to advise of lead time requirements. The  requestor is responsible for first confirming that the access card is valid through the CatCard office & authority for the space has been granted. Large/batch orders take significantly longer lead time; contact Facilities Management Lock & Access at the onset of the planning phases to determine lead time requirements for these requests.
     c. Departmental requests for rekeying or lock changes & changes to access control systems, are normally submitted by a Facilities Management work order; however, large jobs may require a  requisition. Facilities Management Lock & Access updates access changes for emergency responders as necessary.
     d. Work Order requests for special security locks, padlocks, keys & access card systems must be accompanied by written justification & approvals.
 B. Key/access card issue, return, & loss
     1. Key/access cards that are no longer needed by the department must be returned to Facilities Management Lock & Access.
     2. The department must report lost or stolen keys & access cards via FMHelp, as soon as possible, but no later than the same day that the loss or theft was identified. Theft of keys must also be  reported the Campus Police Department.
     3. Any lost/stolen key or rekeying due to lost/stolen keys is the responsibility of the department.
     4. Facilities Management Lock & Access coordinates Lost Key/Access reports with the Police Department & recommends lock or access card changes where security is affected.
 C. Costs
     1. The first issue of keys and access cards for spaces in a new building or newly assigned space will be furnished by Facilities Management Lock & Access to departments, with the cost borne by the capital project or departmental relocation account as applicable.
     2. Costs for additional keys/access cards, and re-keying lock cylinders will be charged to the requesting department.
     3. Departments that consider a fee deposit necessary for the management of key security may collect a refundable key deposit from occasional users of keys.
         a. The deposit must be applied consistently to all occasional users.
         b. The deposit may not be collected from faculty & staff employees associated with the department.
         c. Departments collecting a key deposit from occasional users must maintain a current record of all deposits & associated users.
 D. Lock/Unlock Services
     1. Locking/Unlocking of offices is the responsibility of the department assigned to that space. The authorizing department head or Key Control Manager can contact Facilities Management to  provide quotations for remote access solutions. Any costs are borne by the department.
     2. Facilities Management may be able to provide unlocking services if personnel are available; there is no guarantee of service. Requestor must provide photographic identification to confirm  occupancy of the office. The service is billable; submit the request via email FMHelp@ucmerced.edu with an FAU to provide the service.


Frank Fimbrez
T: 209.228.2908 | E: ffimbrez@ucmerced.edu

Shop hours

Monday - Friday 7:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 3:30pm