Moving Services

Moving Services provides the following services for Campus occupants:

  • Classroom support
  • Office and laboratory moving


Rodney Trevathan

T: 209-228-4287 | E:

Moving Services

Moving services are generally chargeable under current recharge policies and procedures. No work can be done until a complete work order has been received via a work order. A complete work order has a financial accounting unit (FAU) number included.

Please plan your move as far in advance as possible. The absolute key to success of any moving request is planning and communication well in advance of the event. We stand committed to providing you the best possible service at a reasonable rate. Moving Services does not provide boxes, so please plan accordingly. If at any time you have any concerns not being addressed, please contact Rodney Trevathan.

Classroom and office furniture moves need to be coordinated through the respective Facility Manager. Furniture service is contracted through Tangram.

Moving Services staff members will assist in removing your surplus property. Please follow the guidelines for surplus property to initiate this service.

Billing Practices

  • FM abides by all University of California policies and procedures as they relate to recharging internal UC organizations and direct charging external organizations.
  • Generally, customers are billed for actual hours worked down to the closest 1/4 hour of work. Breakdowns lower than 1/4 hour are not allowed.
  • Any work required outside the normal workday Monday - Friday (generally 8am to 5pm) will be charged at time-and-a-half. Weekends and holidays recognized by the UC, will also be charged at time-and-a-half.

Billing Questions and Answers