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Facilities Management is located at the back of Campus on Mineral King Road. Refer to the Campus maps for additional information.

To submit a new work order request select the link or call the UC Merced Customer Service Center (CSC) at 855-234-0579.. The call center will be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

However if you have questions regarding an existing work order or if you are looking to share some website feedback or have general information questions regarding Facilities, please email FMHelp.


Contact Information


Building Services: Building Assignments

Ricardo Arias, Facilities Manager
Cell: 209-217-7232 | Email:

Manesh Chand, Facilities Manager
Cell: 209-203-8900 | Email:
Mark Lutz, ​​​​​​Facilities Manager
Office: 209-228-7819 | Cell: 209-217-7251 | Email:

Neil Svendsen, ​​​​​​Facilities Manager
Cell: 209-349-1321 | Email:

Van VanVleet,  Facilities Manager
Cell: 559-313-7420 | Email:

Custodial Services:

Andre Robinson, Manager
Office: 209-228-2739 | Email:

Luis Gutierrez, Supervisor
Cell: 209-201-6334 | Email:

Tou Xiong, Supervisor
Cell: 209-658-3863 | Email:

Document/Mail Services:

Laura Siebrecht, Supervisor
Office: 209-228-2984 | Email:

Sara Tinoco, Document Services
Office: 209-228-6245 | Email:

Facilities Management HelpDesk Services (FMHelp):
Office: 209-228-2986 | Email: | Website: To submit a Work Order Request

Jovana Cruz, Supervisor
Office: 209-228-4148 | Cell: 209-201-5052 | Email:

Ariel Mann, Dispatcher
Office: 209-228-2986 | Email:

Grounds Services:

Rodney Trevathan, General Services Manager
Office: 209-228-4287 | Email:

Recycling & Waste Services:
Vacant, Waste Reduction/Recycle Coordinator

Shipping & Receiving:
Office: 209-228-4394 | Email:

Ernie Solano, Lead Storekeeper
Office: 209-228-4322 | Email:

Moving & Events Services:

Vacant, Manager
Office: 209-228-2739 | Email: 

Transportation & Parking Services:


Physical Plant:

Victor Zaragoza, Manager
Office: 209-228-7927 | Email:

Frank Fimbrez, Superintendent
Office: 209-228-2908 | Email:

Tim Olson, Superintendent
Office: 209-228-7926 | Email:

Joseph Ramos, Superintendent
Office: 209-228-7660 | Email: