HVAC Services

HVAC technicians support the sophisticated systems in our Campus buildings. The HVAC shop is also known as our "comfort" shop because team members respond to hot/cold calls and do their best to keep our space within Campus standards. Refrigeration technicians support Campus research and education through the maintenance, installation and repair of all equipment containing refrigerant. Equipment includes environmental walk-in coolers and freezers, comfort and laboratory air conditioning, and all refrigeration units such as ice machines and research equipment.


The HVAC Services team also:

  • services and maintains all heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure safe and efficient building operation
  • operates and maintains extensive building automation networks across Campus
  • tests and maintains critical air flow and temperature alarms for all research labs and facilities
  • services and maintains all building exhaust systems to ensure safe and efficient building operations
  • maintains all fume hoods on Campus
  • ensures proper directional air flow for all Campus research buildings and labs
  • installs, repairs and maintains all refrigeration equipment on Campus, including environmental rooms
  • serves as DDC specialists to aid in comfort-cooling and tight temperature control for research
  • maintains accurate refrigerant recordkeeping of the proper handling and usage of refrigerant to ensure compliance for EPA filing, and retrofits CFC refrigerants to environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants