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Custodial Services

Our Custodial Services staff is committed to providing you the best possible service.

Cleaning activities by 'type of space'. (Please note that Classrooms and public spaces are our top priority.)


Administrative - Empty waste containers, vacuum carpet & straighten furniture, dust flat surfaces & furniture, spot-clean carpets, spot-clean partitions, sweep or dust mop floors with 24" swivel, wet mop with microfiber mop & vents & blinds, as needed.

Classrooms - Empty waste containers, clean white boards & trays, vacuum carpet, straighten chairs, wet mop floors using micro fiber mop, dust flat surfaces with treated wet cloth, spot-clean walls, spot-clean carpet & vents, as needed.

Laboratory & Research Space - Empty waste containers, sweep or dust mop floors with 24" swivel, spot-clean wall & doors, wet mop with microfiber mop & vents, as needed.

Washrooms - Empty waste containers, clean/disinfect toilet bowls, clean/disinfect urinals, clean/disinfect sinks and countertops, clean mirrors, restock soap & paper products, sweep or dust mop floors with 24" swivel, wet mop/sanitize floors, clean partitions & doors, dust open flat surfaces, spot clean walls & vents, as needed.

Summer cleaning mode is focused on floor finishing, cleaning & detailed cleaning projects.  Additional services for events, Non-OMP support & projects are available through a recharge process.  

Please submit an work order request with a valid COA for rechargeable services.


Note: Frequencies will change during the summer months.


If there are any additional inquires, comments or concerns please contact us.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you better!

Custodial Services are available Monday-Friday.