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Document Services

Document Services strives to provide high quality, self-serve copiers to the campus community on a cost-per-copy basis. Copiers can be set up for access by CatCards or copy codes. Copy Services is an economical alternative to purchasing and managing copier equipment with all the maintenance, supplies, paper, training, billing and related administrative management included.



Paper supplied by the Copier Program is for Copier Program copiers only and not for your department printers, fax machines or personal use. We track paper orders, inventory and usage. Paper shortages may be billed at a higher rate than Print Services' current rate. Please notify us if your paper is kept in a locked cabinet so our staff can coordinate with the key operator to obtain a correct inventory count at the time meter readings are taken.

Recycle Toner Cartridges

Most empty toner containers can be recycled. Look for the recycle symbol on the container, and drop in any recycling bin for bottles and cans. Some toner boxes include prepaid or FedEx shipping labels for easy return to vendor for re-manufacturing. For these, simply reuse the replacement cartridge box as a return package.

Copy Machines

Price, per copy, for Faculty and Staff is $0.04 for black & white copies and $0.16 for color copies.

Price, per copy, for Students is $0.07 for black & white copies and $0.38 for color copies.

Copy machines may be set up in the following ways:

  • CatCard access — Uses a card terminal which enables payment for copies using a CatCard.
  • Code access — Uses an accumulator that enables faculty, staff and qualified graduate students to pay for copies using department accounting codes

The Copier Program installs (on the copier) an accumulator, which allows access to copying by using codes. For each code, you will need to provide the following information:

  • COA to be charged
  • User name
  • Account name
  • Business office or Budget Manager (where monthly reports should be sent)

Code information can be changed with advance notice by contacting Document Services.

For copier supplies, please submit a work order through the FMHelp website.

Orders for paper and supplies received by 12 p.m. will be delivered by the next day.

For service calls, supply the location of the copier, model, a clear description of the problem and the fault code, if available.

Map the printer - If you use any of the printers listed on the Facilities Management Document Services page; you may need to remap the printer. For additional information, please visit the IT Service Catelog.

If you have problems connecting to a network printer, you can submit a ticket or contact the Help Desk through the Service Hub.

Key Operators

Key operators are designated contact people at copier locations who coordinate supplies and service, and are knowledgeable enough about the copier's operations to assist others, add paper, toner and staples, and perform basic troubleshooting.

Please inform Document Services if there is a change in the designated key operator. We need to know the current contact name, phone and email address in order to keep in touch with members of the Copier Program, respond to their needs and supply current information.

Document Services will provide basic training for key operators and end users upon request. To schedule comprehensive training on copiers for users in your area, contact Document Services to make arrangements. We will be happy to show you all your copier's capabilities, basic troubleshooting and maintenance.



Frank Fimbrez
T: 209-228-2908 | E:

Sara Tinoco
T: 209-228-6245 | E:


Typical service hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (except for University holidays and closures)