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Events Services provides the following services for Campus occupants:

  • Special event set-up and support

Campus policy regarding the use of University Properties and Event Arrangements

Event notification for Students through Office of Student Life

Events through the Office of Student Life require that the event work request be submitted by an OSL Staff employee.

The most critical aspects of a successful event is pre-planning and communications among all associated service providers. There must be adequate lead time depending upon event size.  As an example, events that are in-doors, within a classroom, during normal operating hours typically require a minimum of 2 weeks notification. Events that are outdoors with food, tables or entertainment can require notification months in advance. The event sponsor is responsible to make contact with all service providers and obtain their approvals.

We will work with customers to determine the best mix and timing of workers for events. Top priority is given to accomplishing all tasks in a timely manner and to standard. FM reserves the right to determine the most economical mix of resources for all events for each customer, but will not sacrifice employee well being or safety.

Please plan your event as far in advance as possible. Events are normally supported on a first-come, first-served basis. FM reserves the right to prioritize work.

Any event conducted for or by the University, regardless of division or department, is chargeable under current recharge policies and procedures. No work can be done until the FMHelp Desk receives a completed work order, which includes an FAU.

A Facilities Use Agreement is prepared for all events for external agencies, and is supplied once the initial event request is submitted. The Facilities Use Agreement form is available by emailing Conference Services. If an event is reasonably broad in scope or requires more than one functional area of support, a special event request form must be filled out.

Any event that occurs must have a UC Merced sponsor responsible for all aspects of coordination, preparation, execution and clean up. This sponsor is responsible for the actions of the groups invited to Campus. Any damage that occurs can be billed to the sponsor. This sponsor must be a member of the faculty or staff and cannot be a student, and must be present for the entire event, monitoring all activity. Generally, student club events that are small in scope only require a responsible person be present for the entire event, and that person may be a club officer.

Billing practices

  • FM abides by all University of California policies and procedures as they relate to recharging internal UC organizations and direct charging external organizations.
  • Generally, customers are billed for actual hours worked down to the closest 1/4 hour of work. Breakdowns lower than 1/4 hour are not allowed.
  • Any work required outside the normal workday Monday - Friday (generally 8am to 5pm) will be charged at time-and-a-half. Weekends and holidays recognized by the UC, will also be charged at time-and-a-half.
  • Weekend, holiday work or after hour work requires a two-hour minimum per person. If the work involves set up before the event and a break down after, there is a charge for each two-hour block in which work was done. Please clarify charges with FMHelp Desk before your event.

If an event requires equipment such as tables and chairs, FM will provide them in numbers up to our current stock. If demand exceeds our supply, the customer will be referred to a rental agency for all equipment. FM will not mix any University equipment with any rented equipment.

Any University equipment used for an event is the responsibility of the event sponsor. If lost, stolen or damaged, the event sponsor will be charged appropriately for all repairs and/or replacement.

Generally, if work requested of FM is not done, there is no charge. If any work is done, and the customer has a concern with the quality or scope, that should be raised immediately by the customer with the senior FM worker present so it can be resolved. If work is done and issues are raised after the fact, FM will make every effort to address quality concerns but all charges will stand and must be paid.

The event planner/coordinator is fully responsible to be in attendance or have a designated staff/faculty representative in attendance for the entirety of the event for which they are responsible. This includes all set up, break down and clean up. This is especially important as it relates to monitoring of people entering unlocked areas.

The absolute key to success of any event is planning and communication well in advance of the event. This means planning that includes all departments affected by an event, good proactive communication, properly filling out request forms and meeting with FM early to coordinate all support. We stand committed to providing you the best possible service at a reasonable rate.

If, at any time, you have any concerns not being addressed, please contact:

Rodney Trevathan

T: 209-228-4287 | E:

Billing Questions and Answers

Event Questions and Answers