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Project Management

Facilities Management provides Project Management services to assist with consulting, design and construction of projects. We desire to offer you a high value service that will be in compliance with policies to ensure that University projects are safe, of high quality, and effective.


These services are provided through the Facility Project Manager. Please contact your designated Facility Manager, or contact FM Help, to start the process:

  • The Facility Manager will start by consulting with you to understand the desired scope of work, schedule, funding mechanisms, and stakeholder impacts.

  • If your project is determined to require design services and permitting through the FAB's office, a Project Manager will be assigned to your project by the Facilities Director.

  • Funding and space use approvals may be required at different steps of the process.

Please see the process flowchart to see a typical workflow of an FM-managed project:


FM Minor Capital Project Workflow


Space Moves

When moving to a different space please be prepared to have the following ready:

  • A designated Space Move Coordinator
  • An COA to cover the costs of the move
  • Completion of a key audit (to recover any keys from your old space and have a new key set for your new space)
  • Notification to the Facility Manager
  • Space use approvals

The following forms are required as part of the Space Move:

Coordinator Checklist For Scheduling A Move

Individual Person's Checklist